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With a passion for beauty, travel and everything digital, I've successfully shared my skills, some self-taught, others professionally trained, with growing businesses over the last decade. My experience working for a variety of reputable companies across the beauty, hospitality and travel industries has allowed me to develop a unique perspective on content and marketing strategy.

Hire me to come up with creative ideas, manage projects and do the digital stuff while you take care of the business stuff.

Hey there, I'm Kristina, your new digital marketing and content partner.

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More About Me

Does your website need to be updated with ever-changing promotions, product launch images, price changes and company announcements? There's no need for you to learn to navigate the backend of your website when your business has other demands. Let me provide relevant and up to date content for your website visitors! 

Are you looking to redesign your website (or to create a new one) but don't have an in house Project Manager? You've come to the right place! I have managed several website redesigns for small businesses to large corporations. Let me take the day to day tasks of this time consuming process off your plate so you can focus on other aspects of your business. From sourcing vendors to managing developers, I can handle the details. You can be as involved or hands-off as you'd like.


In today's day and age, content is king (or queen)! Creating a content strategy for your business can be time consuming and quite daunting. It's important to stay connected to your customers, but for a business owner or entrepreneur who is focused on operations, this might be difficult to prioritize. Allow me to lend my expertise to your business and create custom and engaging content recommendations for you.


Discover a variety of services that I can tailor to the needs of your business. 

My Services


kari kron, founder of bears who care

As a non-profit, we are so grateful for her creativity and enthusiasm because she has been able to develop some compelling content for our social media platforms and marketing support for our annual OktoBEARfest 5K Fun Run. She has gone above and beyond for us often, and she never hesitates to volunteer for our events and ask how she can help. We think the world of Kristina!

"Kristina has done some amazing and meaningful work for Bears Who Care."


I've been wanting to make major changes to my website for several years. With the demands of my career, I just couldn't find the time to prioritize this project. Kristina has helped me streamline my digital platforms and I feel like I have control over my brand again! I am so glad I decided to hire her to spearhead my website migration. 

"Kristina helped me streamline my digital platforms and I feel like I have control over my brand again!"

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